Data Security

Company’s data must be protected and taken care of by all means. Data carries the company secrets, employee information, supplier information and so much more. Data should be protected against loss or wrong hands. If the data is lost, the company goes to zero and so much will be interrupted. If it lands in the hands of wrong people, the company faces a risk of collapsing. It is obvious that your competitors are most probably the ones hunting for your secrets. If they get to know them, they can use it to spoil your reputation or start producing the same products as you do. This only means collapsing. To make sure that the above does not happen to you, make sure that your information is secured. This article will give insights on how to make sure that your data is safe.

Keeping data safe


There must be limits on who sees what information. Data should not be accessible to all individuals in the company. You should trust the employees, yes, but, caution should be taken too. They might be paid to leak certain company information. To protect your data from access by all, set in authorization codes at all stages. Whatever the manager can see is not what junior employees should access.


This is another thing that works well in protecting data. Computer and other devices carrying company information must have passwords. As a rule, passwords should not be shared across departments. For example, finance department passwords should not be shared with the procurement departments. It is also important to change passwords from time to time in case hackers got a clue about them. The password should not be obvious, make them as complicated as possible to keep hackers away.


It is your duty as the head on the company to make sure that all people in the organization know the importance of data security. Organize for training sections under the same for each department from time to time. Also, make sure that all new employees get to know about this as early as day one.