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Seven Qualities Of A Good Software Programmer

What are the qualities of a good software programmer? This is an interesting question to ask yourself since it makes you reflect on the craft of software development. Here are some talents that you should look out for if you want to find a good programmer to add to your programming team.

Qualities of an effective software programmer

Impressive technical skills

software programmerOne mistake that most people who are looking for programmers make is that they hire using a checklist of requirements. Instead of sticking to the demands in the list it’s an excellent idea to have a bigger pictured. For instance, look for programmers that have worked mostly in ancient language but have added a new language to their certifications recently. They are the perfect fit because their years of experience in programming give them an edge over other candidates.

Ability to learn

Technology is ever changing meaning that the skills and abilities that a programmer is equipped with now will likely be antiquated in a few years. It’s necessary to find a developer who is interested in learning the latest trends or taking chances to continue education if prospects are available.

Debugging skills

Coding is the not the only job a programmer does. When software fails to work as expected, a programmer should get to the root of the problem as fast as possible and solve the issue efficiently. Instead of wasting a huge fraction of time trying to correct the software, look for a programmer who investigates his code carefully and does research about the issue until a solution is found.

Honor for deadlines

Most programming projects have deadlines that must be met. While it’s important that managers should give sufficient time for the project to be completed, programmers should also work hard to show respect for deadlines. Before considering an applicant, it’s important to find out if the candidate is willing to do everything possible to meet your deadlines.

Work environment match

Some programmers work well in complete silence while others can thrive in chaos. It is important to find out more about a workers preferences if you are looking to boost their creativity. Ensure that you are clear about your work environment upfront to avoid issues after you hire a programmer.

Passion for the job

While most programmers work from nine in the morning to five o’clock in the evening, most managers are looking for candidates who are willing in to put in more hours just to ensure that everything is working as expected. You can discover if a programmer has a passion for building servers, creating apps and much more during the interview. Asking about the candidate’s hobbies will help you find top-shelf applicants.

A business mind

woman on laptopYou can lose focus of the picture while trying to come up with one software. The perfect programmer has a business mind that let him move beyond his current application. He or she will come up with new ideas for new applications that can streamline operations and turn your business around.

It’s an uphill task to find the appropriate programmer especially if you lack programming knowledge. One of the most efficient ways to improve your hiring experience is to include a member of your staff in the interviewing panel to help ask the questions that you won’t know how to ask. Another important but most ignored way to improve the efficiency of a programmer is by providing him with an efficient programming laptop. You can get the right information here on which is the best and most suitable programming laptop for the various tasks that you will be allocating or expecting your programmers to undertake.


Why You should Work With A Software Development Company

Challenges are part of the life cycle of any business. Some of these problems can be addressed easily while others might take some time before they are solved. One of the biggest challenges most businesses have to face is developing applications. This is a significant problem considering that software development requires a skill set that most business owners do not have. As such, finding the right software developer is one of those challenges that have a direct impact on the success the business.

Benefits of hiring a software development team

Specialized services

The ability to get specialized services is one of the main software advantages of hiring a software development team. In most instances, it is rare to find experience, knowledge, industry insights in an in-house software development team. As such, if you intend to have specialized applications that require top-notch software development skills, you need to outsource this function to a team that has proven record of accomplishment. Moreover, such a team not only meets your immediate needs but it can also exceed your expectations.

Scaling and downsizing requirements

Software development is a team effort. As such, these projects are often characterized by having team players working in different areas. This implies that during part of the development, some of the developers might not be required. As such, having them lazing around when their skills are not needed is a wasted of money and talent. An company like software development phoenix has its way of upscaling and downscaling the team to match the immediate demands. With them, you do not have to keep worrying whether or not each team player has work to do.

High chances of success

software codeThe quality of services offered by a team of new developers that are just getting to know each other and those provided team of developers that has been working together are worlds apart. With a team that has been together, it is easy to replicate the success they have. Thus, software development companies have a clear structure, which makes them coordinate well and get work done in the best way possible.

HR-related issues

Dealing with HR related issues during the software development phase is the last thing you can expect. For instance, what can you do when your sole designer decides to go to another organization for greener pastures? You should expect such troubles when working with in-house developers. Working with a software development company takes care of the problems common in the human resource department, which often end up derailing the development process.


How To Properly Use Your USB Flash Drive

USB devices are small in size but works perfectly as a device of data storage. According to the size, you can store data in different sizes, from megabytes to gigabytes. They are easy to carry around because of their small size. You can have it on your trouser or shirt pockets without people noticing it. This is why many people love them. Another thing is that they are affordable. Pricing depends on the size, but the bottom line is that are affordable. Many people however, do not know how to safely use this devices. This article will take your through some dos and don’ts when using a USB device.

Safe use of USB

Scan for viruses

USBYou be better be safe than sorry. Before transferring any files to your external drive, make sure that you scan for any viruses. It is always a safe action to do so. However how much late you feel, this is the forts thing you should do after injecting it to your computer. The process will take a few minutes.

Do not work directly on files stored in the flash

As stated earlier, USB drive will enable you carry along important information to wherever you go. You can access if all times from it as long as you have a computer. The thing is, you are not supposed to work on the information from the flash. Take a second and copy paste the information to your PC. This protects your data from corruption. Continuous editing of data from the flash reduces its lifespan too. To make sure that your files are safe, delete the copied file from the PC after you done with it


pen driveA large number of these drives do not come with an option for password protection. This means if you lose it, anyone who comes across it can get access to your files. This is risky right? To avoid such, download a USB password protection software and install it in your flash. This secures your data in case it is lost.