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Top Three Games for Apple Users

All application enthusiasts are looking for the latest free playing field or paid application, whether it’s using an app to find something new in your city or downloading an app for fun or information. Moreover, another reason to purchase apps is the opportunity for the user to get the latest restaurant reviews, game fun, or internet experience. The following are the top three games that Apple users can play.


Food Mafia for Food Lovers

With this app, you can get the best restaurant with the best score in your region or city. Moreover, you’ll have complete information about the foods and menus available in the dining rooms. You can create your list of dishes and highlight your favorite variety. It is not difficult to make a selection that suits your preferences and menu. In this way, you will discover the latest food menu information in the palm of your hand and the latest review on a particular food. It is probably easy to get ideas and recommendations based on the choice of food.

When you download this program, you will receive a list of restaurants with the exact location. The reviews section can also allow you to look at the most recent comments and ratings from users of a particular restaurant. You can access internal reports with comments from customers of various restaurants and use the image sharing option concerning the food you offer. Another fascinating feature is that you can watch the video testimonials and follow your favorites in the document, which is also visible to others. This program is completely free and can be uploaded to your iPad along with your iPhone.

Megatroid for Science Fiction Lovers

This game program is a science fiction story with robots, virtual foundations, and climbing walls. While you fight and work to reach another level, you earn credits. Another fascinating problem is that the characters in Megatroid are built at random, so you can never experience the same amount of fighting as you would expect at a given level. If you play a certain level and your friend reaches a similar level, you will encounter unique challenges. You may decide to talk to each other about your numbers to improve the game experience. 

Monster Life for Adventurers

This game, called Dragon Life, is fascinating and is based on the art of card design. It is easy to design and yet attractive to the individual. The basic theme is to accumulate paper monsters to fight a double. Interestingly, just as with Pokémon, you’ll discover each creature’s stories as you head for another duel with another animal.

Like the Pokémon, you’ll train the creatures you’ve managed to reach on each level. You will also gain experience as you make your way through this paper monster’s world and its life story, which will develop slowly as you travel. Another fascinating topic is that you will discover the possibility of building a living shed for a monster and guide him to accumulate power to fight another duel. With each contest won twice, your monster will acquire new skills as you feed it and then execute them.