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How to choose the best studio monitors

Studio monitors are important for music lovers and also people who own professional studio. With the best studio monitors, you can enjoy producing, recording and listening to music. There are a lot of music studio monitors, and this can be confusing for beginners. It is important to buy a studio monitor that is ideal for your needs. A studio monitor might be ideal for you but a nightmare to someone else. It all comes down to your use and also the features that are important to you. Before you buy a studio monitor, take time and learn the features.

Choosing studio monitors

How will you use them?

Once you decide to buy IMG: studio monitors, you are buying them for a reason. You need to determine why you need to buy the studio monitors. For freestyle musicians who want something for basic recording at home, then near field monitors are a good choice. Hip-hop and pop singers might want more advanced monitors with a sub woofer. For soundtrack production, a surround system of 5.1 and above might be ideal. Once you know your needs, it becomes easy to choose a monitor that is ideal for you.


Frequency responses

Frequency response is an important aspect when choosing studio monitors. When it comes to frequency responses, you have to go the technical aspect and learn how to check the frequency. A good frequency response will always give you a good listening experience. In this aspect, you need a studio monitor that can create a balanced sound when in high and low frequency. The best frequency is usually 20Hz and 20 kHz.

Size of the studio monitor

The size of the studio monitor also plays a huge role when making a choice. Your use will also determine the studio monitor size that you buy. The small studio monitors that are usually 5 inches are good for leisure uses who like recording music for personal use at home. However, the professional users might need big studio monitors that are also known as midfield monitors. These monitors can be placed far away and still serve the purpose.

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Price range

When it comes to studio monitors, you will always get what you pay for. If you want more features, then you will be forced to pay more. Beginners and home users might require the basic monitors that are quite cheap. On the other hand, professional users might need more advanced and expensive monitors.