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How to Fix a Bad Signal of Wireless Router

Most homes have only one broadband connection. However, there are often a large number of devices that need to be connected and shared. Using cables is an option, but it can be a nuisance, especially if you want to connect to remote devices. That’s why the vast majority of broadband providers install a wireless router along with the modem, both can be integrated into a single device. TechnoFAQ guide you to choose the best wireless router.

Unfortunately, using a wireless router can sometimes cause difficulties associated with poor signal reception.The conclusion you can draw from a bad or poor signal is that devices cannot access your broadband connection. There are many reasons for this, and they vary according to the needs of each individual. Fortunately, there are many ways in which someone can solve problems with insufficient signal strength.

Change the Position of Your Wireless Router


Depending on your home’s layout and the materials used to build it, the wireless signal may be subject to interference. It is much better to set your wireless router as large as possible than to turn off the floor. You want to make sure that nothing can prevent the signal from reaching certain areas. Eliminate clutter and create as much free space in your home as possible. It should be possible to transmit the signal as publicly as possible. Experiment until you find a place that works.

Check Your Wireless Router Setting

Correct the problem of weak wireless router output by checking the settings. Depending on the router’s strength, the signal may not travel far enough to reach all devices in your home. By increasing its efficiency, the signal should be able to extend further. This may be desirable from time to time. For example, if you don’t want your neighbors or friends wandering around your home in your body. Confirm the manual and settings to ensure that the correct configuration gives you maximum benefit. The most typical way to do this would be to find the router installation by entering its IP address in your browser.

Replace an Antennas with a Larger One

The best way to correct a faulty signal with larger antennas. If this is accurate, the signal output will most likely be amplified by purchasing a larger antenna on your router. Replace the antenna with a larger one, and you will get a more effective signal that can be transmitted much further away than before. You can do the same thing with all wireless adapters. These adapters used in desktop computers can usually be ignored.

The wireless adapter’s sensitivity has increased so that it can now extend a signal that may already be too weak. Wireless adapters that are too far away to receive a signal can benefit from the wide range that comes from a repeater. The drawback, of course, is that they will need a repeater. Be sure to try the above solutions before you decide to use them, as they are easier to use as such.

Upgrade to Newer Technology Can Correct a Weak Signal


The latest wireless technologies often include advances in signal range and duration. However, this requires a new wireless router. In this case, the router and wireless router should be replaced with one that incorporates the latest wireless standards. It would help if you first tried to solve the poor reception dilemma with less demanding techniques to perform. Once tried, you can switch to more expensive alternatives, including selecting devices that use the latest wireless technologies. It may take some time and effort to figure out how to deal with the problem, but there is a remedy.

However, the question is not whether the problem of poor signal reception can be solved better. If you are lucky, you can do it without spending a penny. In several cases, it may be necessary to purchase new equipment to solve the problem.